Need a better – or different – place to work? Check out the newest coworking space at NASA Johnson Space Center.

Coworking spaces are shared working environments that encourage collaboration. They focus not only on the physical space, but also about the development of a dynamic, interactive community. You can find other creative spaces at JSC here.

“Coworking hinges on the belief that innovation and inspiration come from cross pollination of different people in different fields or specializations.  Random opportunities and discoveries that arise from interactions with others – also dubbed ‘accelerated serendipity’ – play a large role in coworking.”  (Working in the UnOffice, Night Owls Press)



1958 is a unique workscape experiment at the Johnson Space Center. Located in B35 adjacent to JSC’s Acceleration Center, it was inspired by Chicago’s 1871 co-working center for digital startups. 1958 provides multi-purpose, reconfigurable rooms to support conversations, quiet work, team meetings, small retreats, and free flowing ideas.

As part of the Agency’s Open Government Plan, NASA is committed to standing up more collaborative environments in physical spaces across the agency. The 1958 space helps meet this goal and fosters a culture of collaboration at Johnson Space Center. The space demonstrates how physical assets can enable communities to engage with each other in the ways they prefer, while experimenting with new tools and techniques not normally provided by the traditional NASA workplace. Providing innovative spaces at and across centers offers alternative workspace for personnel, creative collaboration options for distributed teams, and actual equipment for modern techniques such as fast prototyping of hardware.

Envisioned by Center Operations as part of the Creative Spaces project, and part of the Acceleration Center, 1958 gives the Johnson Space Center a forum for that “accelerated serendipity” the NASA is so well-known for.



One Giant Leap
The largest space in 1958, this enormous room is subdivided into smaller nooks and team “pods” complete with rolling white boards as well as an area for classes or larger meetings.

Store House
Store House
The Storehouse includes a free use printer and copier as well as general use supplies. The library is also located in this room, ideal for pulling up a beanbag and checking out some books.

Chromatic Room
Standing Desks
The bright and colorful Chromatic Room includes 2 standing desks and supports 6 to 8 person meetings.

Ernest Tubb Room
The Ernest Tubb Room is designed for teleconferences, features Polycom capability and seats 3.

Maker Room
Maker Room
The “hackerspace” of 1958, the Maker Room is the place to take things apart or figure out how to put them together. The 3D printer and other tools are located here.

Self serve and self cleanup. Food and drink often fuels collaboration!

White Room
This space and the white room inside with expansive writable surfaces is ideal for small retreats or extended meetings. It includes 2 standing desks as well as a number of other clusters for small groups to work.

Cube Garden
The Cube Garden is filled with free cubicles for when you need a little solitude or heads-down space to focus.



Be friendly. Since there is no receptionist, it’s up to you to welcome new guests.

Be responsible. Clean up after yourself. If you use a whiteboard, wipe it down before you leave. If you pulled out a chair, put it back. If you created a mess, clean it up.

Be open-minded. Learn from the fellow coworkers. Networking, idea sharing, socializing, cross pollinating, group problem solving, and partnering are all encouraged!

Be independent, or collaborative. If you are working independently, use headphones, and respect other’s right to collaborate. If you are working in a group, respect others right to work independently. If someone is wearing headphones, do not disturb them.

Be understanding. Remember that your coworkers are people first, and coworkers second. They all have their own pressures, challenges and goals.

Be part of the solution. Could something here be improved? Contribute to making this a great space to work. Consider donating something!

Pass it forward. Once you get the hang of something (the coffee, 3D printer, etc.), help someone else learn what you know.

Take a break! We all tend to get hyperfocused on our work sometimes and forget to stop to take a break. Use the opportunity to meet someone new.

Ask: If you have a question, please ask for help. Please keep in mind that this is actually the working office space of a team at NASA. Contact Leah Galindo, Nicholas Skytland, Chris Gerty or Ali Llewellyn and we’ll do our best to help however we can.


One Giant Leap

Who can use 1958?
1958 is a co-working space available free to use for any NASA employee or contractor.

Is 1958 open to the public?
1958 is located onsite at NASA Johnson Space Center and requires that you be badged to access the facility.

Is there wifi and how do I connect?
Yes, the 1958 network has the standard “nasa” and “nasa-guest” networks and you connect as you would on any other facility on site. If you are a guest badged for day access, you will have to contact your NASA POC and ask them to request access to the “nasa-guest” network.

Is there any association with the Houston Technology Center?
The Houston Technology Center has a satellite office at NASA Johnson Space Center, located in Building 35 on the second floor (above the 1958 space). 1958 is open to all members and guests of HTC – in fact we encourage everyone to use it and hope that the close proximity to HTC will catalyze even more innovation at NASA.

Do you have a project and screen we can use for our meeting?
We do have a portable project (contact Leah Galindo to use it) but do not have a screen at this moment – but it’s almost better to simply project on the wall.

Do you have an audio system to support my talk?
Yes, we have a Bose microphone and speaker system that we can make available upon request.

Do you have a laptop or computer that I can use?
No. TBD answer.

Can I re-arrange the furniture?
Yes, the 1958 space is completely reconfigurable and all furntire is portable. However, we ask that you let us know in advance if you plan on a major reconfiguration and you are required and responsible for putting the space back as you found (if not better).



Stop in and say hello!
The 1958 Co-working space is location in building 35 at NASA Johnson Space Center.



One Giant Leap Room

Are you interested in reserving the 1958 co-working space for a meeting or an event? If so, please email Leah Galindo (leah.a.galindo@nasa.gov) or Eric Elizondo (eric.j.elizondo@nasa.gov) regarding your request.

Please note that 1958 is a co-working space open to all employees at NASA Johnson Space Center and although we do allow reservations, we do not allow you to close the space off from others. There may be others who are sharing the room with you.

If you require a private space for a closed meeting, please request room 235 and 237 in Building 29 across the street are available.


One Giant Leap Room

If you have questions please contact us using the form below. You can also contact Leah Galindo, Nicholas Skytland, Chris Gerty or Ali Llewellyn and we’ll do our best to respond as soon as we can.