Chris Gerty

Open Technology Specialist @ NASA Headquarters

Chris is an advocate of NASA’s Open Government Initiative and is a leading voice on the concept of participatory exploration and collaboration. He has fifteen years of experience working on complex, technology-intense projects at NASA. Chris has a passion for technology both personally and professionally, and has worked on projects ranging from planning human missions to the Moon, to specializing in the operation of US and Russian space suit systems on the International Space Station. Chris is also an explorer and has firsthand experience working and surviving in extreme conditions. In 2007, he participated as a crew member on NASA's undersea mission aboard the NOAA Aquarius Underwater Laboratory off the coast of Florida, living underwater for 10 days to study the effects of long-duration spaceflight and test lunar exploration concepts. Chris earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY, and currently lives in Houston, TX with his family.

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How to Submit a Project at #SpaceApps

| Whether you're a scientist, a software developer, an educator, a student, a maker, or just a space geek, we hope you enjoy building innovative solutions at this year's International Space Apps Challenge.

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Be a Hardware Hero

| This weekend at the International Space Apps Challenge, you can be a hero in many ways.  But let’s focus on the hardware hero for a moment.  They’re the ones who seem to have that exact adapter you need to charge your phone or laptop when you’re at 2% power.  They live by the belief that […]

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Opening Up Legacy Space Hardware

| Many of us now working at NASA reflect on our elementary school days, when we were first inspired by the space program. We saw these amazing achievements and thought, quite accurately, that there was cutting-edge technology at work, being developed by brilliant engineers. Oh, how we longed to work alongside and someday become one of […]

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Open Hardware Summit 2012 Recap

| NASA’s Open Innovation Program recently participated in the Open Hardware Summit, sponsored by the newly formed Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA).  What we witnessed was a community in its early stages, developing in front of our eyes, tackling technical/legal/cultural challenges with an openness that we have grown to respect and see as an essential part […]

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Thoughts on Makers at NASA

| Makers explore, reach into the unknown, and strive to bring something back that makes it worth the trip. Throughout NASA’s history, the exploration culture is easy to see – the Apollo Program, International Space Station, the Mars Science Laboratory and Curiosity’s 7 minutes of terror – things that bring technology and knowledge back for humanity […]

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Spacing Out Your Brain

| This Friday citizens from around the world will have an exclusive opportunity to join NASA OpenGov, Google Plus (“G+”) and Make Magazine’s “Maker Camp” as we explore the NASA Johnson Space Center Neurosciences Lab. This virtual field trip will be hosted on the G+ Hangout platform which uses a multi-user interactive webcam to bring the […]

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NASA’s Office of the CIO on FedScoop Radio

| Ever wondered what it was like to guide the vision of IT in one of the most information-rich technology agencies in the nation?  Deputy Chief Information Officer Deborah Diaz talked with FedScoop Radio about exactly that, and the future for NASA IT looks as bright as a million flickering network routers! Ms. Diaz is certainly […]

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A Standing Army of Virtual Aquanauts

| We need to thank the hundreds of people who took the time to create a Zooniverse account (or use their existing one) to help classify features on the reef.  It’s been just over a week that the NEEMO-Zooniverse platform (designed by Vizzuality) has been in active beta testing, and we are really excited in the […]

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Crowdsourcing Science at NEEMO-15

| Got plans for the next decade? NASA does.  The agency would like to send a crew to visit an asteroid, and we’re not going alone.  In addition to being open to partnerships that will leverage the skills of space agencies and corporations across the planet, NASA is looking at new ways to collectively leverage expertise […]

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Collaborating Virtually in a Physical World

| Collaborative spaces sure are popular these days.  Personally, I’ve learned to love working in this type of environment.  Get out of your office and co-locate to work with your colleagues.  Share ideas and help each other look at problems differently, brainstorm solutions, or maybe even just practice that big presentation in front of an unbiased […]

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