Stuart Engelhardt

Software & Systems Architect @ Johnson Space Center

Stuart Engelhardt is a software developer, system admin/architect, open source enthusiast, and general space geek. As a Software Developer and System Admin in NASA's Space Life Sciences Directorate, he is constantly working on web-based solutions for communicating and utilizing program data through workflow and process management-integration. As a Systems Architect and Open Source Enthusiast involved in NASA's Open Government Initiative, he is exploring advanced technologies and collaborative efforts to mash up NASA and commercial solutions to enrich public awareness and government transparency of NASA-based data and software. Stuart has 18 years of experience at NASA, developing shuttle and station flight software, designing robotic arm situation awareness systems, training astronauts, and exploring interesting and innovative advanced technologies. Stuart holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston - Clear Lake in Computer Information Systems, with a focus in Web-Based Systems and Database Architecture.

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NASA’s Liquid Galaxy: An Overview

| [youtube] A few months back, Open.Gov Team Lead, Nick Skytland approached me with an idea to implement Google’s Liquid Galaxy project at NASA.  I was immediately intrigued by the idea, and set forth researching what would be involved.  Nick and I collaborated with others at Johnson Space Center (JSC) to come up with a […]

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Building V

| Since I work from a variety of locations throughout the week, as I support different customers and types of activities, I figured I would make a few notes about what I would like to see as a new facility at JSC:  Building V. The “V” in Building V is for Virtual.  As more and more […]

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