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A Million ISS Images

| I use NASA data every day, even though I don’t work for NASA. They have many detailed and rich datasets available for reading/viewing by the general public. The problem though is that they are often published in archaic formats buried under hard to use interfaces. But with a little ingenuity, anyone can get their hands on amazing data about the universe we live in.

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What is NASA doing with Big Data today?

| In the time it took you to read this sentence, NASA gathered approximately 1.73 gigabytes of data from our nearly 100 currently active missions! We do this every hour, every day, every year – and the collection rate is growing exponentially. Handling, storing, and managing this data is a massive challenge. Our data is one […]

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ESA’s App Camp

| This article is cross-posted from ESA’s Living Planet Program blog here. For more information about the App Camp, go to the main page here.  This week’s ESA App Camp didn’t see canoeing or campfires. Developers worked diligently despite the Mediterranean heat to create applications for mobile phones that bring Earth observation and GMES services to […]

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