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Celebrating Planet Earth

| While this agency is perhaps most known for explorations beyond Earth, for decades, NASA has been dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of one of the most complex objects in the universe -- planet Earth.

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The space station really is for every generation

| As a child, the space shuttle completely ignited my imagination about exploration. I watched every space movie I could find, and carried around a well-worn copy of the Space Shuttle Operators Manual in one hand and my astronaut doll in the other. My elementary school classes crowded around the television to watch each launch, and […]

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Collective Genius for a Better World

| “Launch creates an environment for people to think about what they would want anyone looking at our planet to know about us – that we respected our home and worked together every day to ensure its beauty.” — Ted Eytan I go out and talk about NASA quite often, and tell many parts of the agency’s […]

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