Open Data to Spur Innovation

NASA has a long history of making the impossible possible. Our agency vision is “to reach for new heights and reveal the unknown so that what we do and learn will benefit all humankind.” Transparency and openness were written into our DNA more than 50 years ago with the original Space Act that established the agency in 1958.

Who Are We?

open.NASA is an Open Innovation program in the Office of the Chief Information Officer's Technology and Innovation Division.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About...

  • Resources

    You'll have easy access to companion sites: Data,
 Code, and APIs. We have a Glossary to make sure you understand what we mean by the words we use.
  • Programs

    You can learn about Space Apps, Datanauts, Data Fellows, and more. These initiatives are opportunities for you to participate and collaborate with us and each other, and to leverage NASA's open data,
 code, and APIs.
  • How You Can Get Involved

    You can take part NASA challenges and activities that give you an opportunity to solve tough problems. Your ideas and solutions help us see the world in new ways. In our Innovation Space section, we highlight curated projects that result from NASA-sponsored citizen challenge opportunities. We also highlight your stories as you create innovative solutions from NASA's open data,
 code, and APIs. Share them with us.
  • Government Voice

    We're doing our best to provide opportunities for you to innovate with NASA's open data, code, and APIs. Your engagement with our data helps us fulfill federal mandates and requirements for Open Government and Open Data.

Who is this site for?

  1. Citizen Scientist
    You see new insights where others don’t. We think you’ll have fun with our Open Data and learning how to Explore With Us.
  2. Developer
    You see development as building a better future. If you want to use NASA data and create APIs, Open Data has the resources for you. Maybe you've already built something using NASA data? Share your Data Story.
  3. Citizen Activist
    If you’re interested in how NASA meets the goals set by the White House and the Office of Mgt. and Budget, take a look at our Open Government Plan which outlines the most recent version, 3.0.
  4. Govvie
    You’re one of us. We’re happy to share data with you or collaborate on challenges. You may be interested in Open Data, our Government Plan, or learning more about how individuals Explore With Us.
  5. Curious
    We’d love to inspire you with NASA’s cool data through the eyes of your fellow citizens. We hope you enjoy delving into the Data Stories & Innovation Space.