As we close out 2015, we celebrate 14,000+ Earthlings from around the world who hosted, collaborated with, and participated in our 4th annual International Space Apps Challenge, we want to give you a glimpse of Space Apps through a few iconic images. This year, we focused on Women in Data and added a new Space Apps Data Bootcamp pre-event to introduce hackathon newcomers to code, data, hardware platforms, challenge problem-solving, storytelling, and collaborative teaming concepts. In addition, we kicked off the concept and design phase of the NASA Datanaut initiative with our stellar Founding Class. [We'll be accepting applications soon for the next Datanaut class.]We're pleased to see traction from our efforts, with genuine enthusiasm among girls and women to engage with us to use NASA's open data to solve real-world problems. 

Here are a few highlights to honor those who engaged with us to explore NASA's data to create innovative solutions to challenging problems. Thanks for making this such an awesome year!

1. Space Apps Cotonou

2015 Space Apps Cotonou

2. Space Apps Oran


3. Space Apps Pasadena (Art by Syd Mead)


4. Space Apps Cairo


5. Space Apps Dhaka

Women in Data: Space Apps Dhaka Bangladesh

6. Space Apps LA

Space Apps LA

7. Space Apps Cleveland

2015 Space Apps Cleveland

8. Space Apps Lome

2015 Space Apps Lagos.jpg

9. Space Apps NYC [Bootcampers!]

2015 Space Apps NYC [BootCampers]

10. Space Apps Round Rock


Plus one bonus image of Astronaut Cady Coleman trying out a space helmet. NASA's CTO-IT Deborah Diaz is amused (right). Gotta' love Cady!!!

Astronaut Cady Coleman trying out a space helmet. NASA's CTO-IT Deborah Diaz at right.

We hope these images will get you ready for our 5th annual Space Apps the weekend of April 22-24, 2016. You can still apply to host Space Apps in YOUR community! 

Happy New Year. We expect 2016 will be out-of-this-world!! Join us for an incredible data adventure.

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