NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Climate Data Servers

Experts from NASA, external agencies, and universities gathered this week at the Goddard Space Flight Center to wrestle with the topic of Big Data. The agenda was packed with topics such as the National Strategic Computing Initiative, the Internet of Things, World Bank Big Data, NIST Big Data Standards Ecosystems and Applications, Earth Science Observation Data, new citizen engagement opportunities for Landslide Open Data, and more. 

NASA's new Chief Information Officer, Renee Wynn, addressed the group and answered questions. Renee comes to NASA from EPA where she served as the Acting CIO. She shared some of her data geekness with us, as well as her passion for giving back to the planet. She wears a recycled bling/3D printed smart watch, to walk the talk [which sparked our interest in creating a "3D printing recycled product" Space Apps challenge for 2016]. Stay tuned.

NASA CIO Renee Wynn address Big Data Workshop attendees

We had an opportunity to visit the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Clean Room -- set apart by glass, of course, to keep us from contaminating operations. You can visit too via live webcam. Cool fact: Webb, launching in October, 2018, will be a powerful time machine with infrared vision that will peer back over 13.5 billion years to see the first stars and galaxies forming out of the darkness of the early universe.

James Webb Space Telescope Clean Room Webcam

The best part of events like these: our remotely-located team comes together physically in one place. Our data and open data teams work out of Headquarters in Washington DC, Johnson Space Center in Texas, and Ames Research Center in California. What a privilege to spend time together with our leader, Deborah Diaz, Chief Technology Officer for IT. Between Renee and Deborah, we've got it going on for #WomenInData!!

NASA OCIO Technology & Innovation Data Teams meeting with CTO-IT Deborah Diaz

I'll close with one last cool image from NASA Goddard's Center for Climate Simulation. NASA's Phil Webster is explaining the Big Data behind the most awesome visualizations. Can I just say: NASA's data is out-of-this-world!!

NASA's Phil Webster explains Goddard's Climate Data VizWall

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