NASA’s 2015 Space Apps Challenges are now live. Some locations around the world are meeting to brainstorm possible solutions. You can too.

We have four mission categories this year: Earth, Humans, Outer Space, and Robotics. Within the body of each challenge you’ll find a description, a hack pad for collaboration conversation and questions, and a project tab for creating your own solution.

You can choose any challenge that captures your imagination, and highlights your skills. The best project teams have diverse skills and experiences, so make sure you surround yourself with team members who compliment what you have to offer. Most importantly, no project can advance without good storytelling. During the judging process at the end of the Space Apps weekend, you will need to tell your story in a way that others outside your team see the value and innovative quality of your work. Graphic artists, writers, videographers, and designers will be essential to your story. Invite them to your team, and let them help make your project the best ever.

You can get started now, if you want. We post the challenges a month early so that you have time to pull together what you need to succeed.

Hubble image of Galaxy Cluster Abel 520

We can’t change the universe without you.

So, let’s get started, one challenge at a time. 


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