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NASA Datanauts brings together people worldwide to work together, share skills and ideas, and tell the story of a community convened to engage with NASA’s open data. Among the dozens and dozens of participants, we have met people from a variety of industries, geographies, backgrounds and perspectives contributing to an international community interested in learning how to develop data science skills. Currently, we’re recruiting 50 new Datanauts for the Spring 2018 class and, with the application open until December 22, 2017 at 11:59pm PST, we want YOU to apply. If you are selected, here are some of the people you may meet.


The storyteller. With a keen ear and eye for narrative, this Datanaut is the data science version of Gwen Ifil or Barbara Walters. While fluent in lessons on Git and R, they are also adept at translating that wisdom and tales from the Datanauts community into a bite-sized tweet from @OpenNASA or a Space Data Daily blog post.

The expert. Sporting catalogues upon catalogues of expertise on "insert topic here", they are eager to bring their subject matter proficiency to the table. More importantly, they are grateful for the “meeting with the minds” with the storyteller, student, entrepreneur, maker, hardware specialist and developer, with a particular eye for how their work with this new set of collaborators can lead to beautiful results.

The developer. Whether driven by a passion for space exploration, social justice or earthly innovation, this Datanaut understands the building blocks of the world around them. Equipped with Python, SQL, Java or another coding language, they are excited to join Datanauts and find relevant applications for their programming skills.

The maker. Tinkering with Arduinos and Raspberry Pi, they can often be found at a Space Apps Challenge hackathon near you, building wearables (for example, this International Space Station notification pin by Leslie Birch) and anything that circuit boards, sensors and LEDs will help unexpectedly bring to life.

The artist. Carrying a laptop, notepad and mind full of boundless possibilities, this person is a creator enthusiastic about translating problems into solutions one way or another. While not your traditional data enthusiast, they bring a designer’s perspective to any team, leading to even more inventive projects at the end of the day.

The entrepreneur. You will often find them on watercooler chats or chatting with other Datanauts, strategizing alongside the artist, maker, developer, expert, storyteller and student about how to take their project to the next level, whether planning a data-oriented community event or amplifying Datanaut achievements through their work day-in and day-out.

The student. Surrounded by storytellers, experts, developers, hardware specialists, makers, artists and entrepreneurs, they are like a sponge, soaking up every ounce of wisdom they can from watercooler chats, community events and casual Datanaut conversations alike. Quick to raise their hand, they are fond of the collaboration that characterizes the Datanauts experience.

Are you interested in learning more?

Are you ready to become part of this community of NASA Datanauts? Read more about the Datanauts program and the application process on the Datanauts webpage. NASA will begin reviewing applications for the spring 2018 cohort immediately and will be announcing selections in early January. Applications are due December 22, 2017 at 11:59pm PST!