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This story was originally published in the Data Discovery digital magazine, created in coordination with NASA Datanauts, engaging with each other and subject matter experts to solve data challenges. For this story and more like it, stay tuned to the OpenNASA blog or view the magazine here. This blog is part of an 11-part series.

Today’s blog author is Laura Anne Edwards, a polymath who works and plays at the intersection of technology, media, and impact. She's passionate about opportunities for access to open data, and STEAM projects for women and girls.

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Mapping the NASA Dataverse

By Laura Anne Edwards

Datanauts, along with the team at NASA, are collaborating to provide a series of visualizations for their open data treasures and some prototypes to streamline the data publishing process. We call this “mapping the NASA dataverse”! Phase One is converting the data portal into visuals. Phase Two is activating the global Datanauts community.

With one of the world’s most recognizable and sought-after treasure troves of open data, NASA has made a major investment in creating a user-friendly, comprehensive data portal. Having an at-a-glance cue in terms of the discipline -- relative size of the datasets or discipline within the data portal (example: rocket propulsion versus earth science), age or team who generated particular data -- will help researchers and citizen scientists alike. Building a set of tools that can help NASA share more precious data more quickly helps the whole world.