Beth Beck Solders Circuit with Datanauts

With every season offers the possibility of new horizons -- new faces, adventures, and opportunities. Yes, new challenges, but I believe those exist to give us a reason to think deeply. We want to let you know our team is shifting as we explore new ways to engage with all you citizens of the world; organize and access our data more efficiently; and grow our understanding of how NASA’s data, tools, and technologies can serve you better, as well as enable our leaders and employees to make information-centric decisions.

Here's what change looks like:

Datanaut team transition

You may recognize these faces: Elyssa Dole former Datanaut Community Manager (top left); Lori Parker current Datanaut Manager (top right); Ronnie Phillips, current Community Manager (bottom left), and me (bottom right). We're all moving off the stage to make room for new faces, though Elyssa started her new adventure awhile back.

Lori Parker, who brought energy and enthusiasm to her leadership of the Datanaut initiative over the last two classes, is transitioning to other duties with the Information Management Program. Though she’s moving on, I’m certain she will stay engaged through social media, sharing interesting NASA stories and management insights. Thanks Lori for being so very you, which makes us all smile.

Veronica (Ronnie) Phillips, who has been serving as Community Manager alongside Lori, is also moving on to challenging new adventures. Ronnie is riding off into the Californian coastal sunset to do technical writing at a tech start-up that specializes in data analytics. Though it may be a world apart from NASA data, she’s excited to be closer to home and to set off on another adventure this fall — motherhood! We wish you the best, Ronnie!

Claire LittleWelcome your new Community Manager, Claire Little! Claire has a lifelong love of space exploration, and her new position at NASA Ames Research Center fulfills a dream she's had since she spent a week spent at Mountain View's erstwhile Space Camp at the age of 12. Prior to coming to NASA, Claire worked as a technical writer at her alma mater, UC Berkeley. In her free time Claire loves to tinker on the computer she built, play videogames, continue chipping away at the NASA History Office publications list, watch and write about Star Trek, and hang out with her cat. 

David Meza recently joined the team at NASA Headquarters from the Johnson Space Center, where he served as Chief Knowledge Architect. David will take on the role of Acting Program Executive for Information Management, and leverage his data and skills to lead Datanauts. He is eager to harvest the knowledge and insights we gather from Datanauts to inform our information management technology roadmap. He’s been serving as subject matter expert for the last several classes.

Jason Duley will continue to lead Open Data, Open Code, and his many other assignments. He brings creativity and innovation to every project he touches. He’s creating the agency Data Management Plan and Digital Object Identifier Registries to ensure we can access and authenticate our data. NASA Datanaut initiative falls within his portfolio, and he will continue to serve as a subject matter expert.

As for me,  I will turn in my NASA badge at the end of the month after 33 years in the federal government.  I hope to power down my computer for bit to get reacquainted with nature and family. I envision a colony of unique plant habitats waiting to be created in the vast unexplored territory in the backyard of my ‘new’ 100+ year old historic Craftsman in north Texas. You may also see me involved with innovation incubation in my local community – as a citizen, rather than civil servant. The possibilities make me smile for the future that awaits me, post NASA.

Datanaut Barbies!

I wish you all well, and look forward to seeing the wonderful new discoveries you make with NASA data! With this team, you can can only soar higher!

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