Space Apps 2015 winners at Cygnus launch

Space Apps 2015 Global winners from around the world converged this week at NASA's Kennedy Space Center to attend the launch of the Orbital ATK CRS-4 Cygnus spaceship, providing essential science and cargo to our orbiting space pioneers who live and work onboard the International Space Station. [BTW: You can watch livestream images from Station at your convenience EVERY day!]


Cygnus will transport more than 7k lbs of crew supplies and vehicle hardware, science and research for the Expeditions 45 and 46 missions. The payload consists of a micro satellite deployer and the first micro satellite to be deployed from Station; a new life science facility to support studies on cell cultures, bacteria and other microorganisms; and experiments to study the behavior of liquids and gases, evaluate flame-resistent textiles, and clarify the thermo-physical properties of molten steel. In addition, Cygnus will deliver a set of Microsoft HoloLens devices for NASA's Sidekick project -- a safety jet pact astronauts wear during spacewalks, and nitrogen and oxygen tanks for Station's air supply.

Onboard Station now:  (from left) Commander Scott Kelly and Flight Engineers Sergey Volkov, Mikhail Kornienko, Kjell Lindgren, Oleg Kononenko and Kimiya Yui.


We have representatives from the NY Space Tag (US), Valkyrie (Bulgaria), Arachnobeea (Cypress), NatEv Explorer (Kosovo) and CROPP (Italy). Our Tracking and Sensing team from Nepal wasn't able to make the trip. We're thrilled to host these awesome innovators at NASA. They've given us their valuable time and talent to engage with NASA's open data through Space Apps, and we want to honor them with a time to share our collective accomplishments. Hopefully, we'll give them a good show with the Cygnus launch as the capstone of their experience with us.


Thanks to all of you who participated in Space Apps 2015! If you want to host an event for 2016, please let us know. We're busy making plans for the best Space Apps EVER. 

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