Space Apps 2016 Data Bootcamp in Pasadena, CA

We're coming off an incredible Space Apps weekend with over 15,000 Earthlings gathering together around the world in 61 countries and 161 cities. We expect the numbers to go up as our local hosts turn in their official counts. Here's what we have so far: almost 1200 projects! Awesome.

Space Apps 2016 stats

We've received a high volume of questions about judging. Let me give you a quick overview, so that you'll know what we're doing behind the scenes during the four weeks following Space Apps. We're busy. Here's what our month looks like.

Post Space Apps Week 1: 

  • Review 74 Virtual Team projects and select two global nominations and one People's Choice to move forward into the global judging process.
  • While we're going through the projects, our global nominees create 30-second videos for judging the following week. [For those of you creating your video, this chart may help you out.]
30 Seconds of Glory: How to create a compelling Space Apps video

Post Space Apps Week 2: 

  • Review 161 global nominations for the People's Choice award (selected by participants at the local events). Narrow the field to the Top 25 (or less depending on the break between awesome and good projects) which will move forward for public voting in Week 3. 
  • Challenge owners begin reviewing projects created in support of their challenges.

Post Space Apps Week 3: 

  • People's Choice voting goes live on the website for two weeks. This first week will narrow from the Top 25 (or less) semifinalists to the Top 5 finalists. 
  • Review the 322 global nominations, and narrow the list to the Top 25 finalists -- five in each of the five award categories: Best Use of Data, Best Use of Hardware, Best Mission Concept, Galactic Impact, and Most Inspirational. These 25 finalists will go forward to the esteemed panel of judges comprised of top NASA executives.

Post Space Apps Week 4:

  • People's Choice public voting on to narrow the field from the Top 5 finalists to the one winner. Voters will register to vote (to ensure we can verify EACH vote).
  • NASA executive panel of judges review the Top 25 (five in each of the five award categories) and select the top project in each of the five global award categories.

Post Space Apps Week 5: 

  • Announce the top teams in each of the five global award categories, plus People's Choice. Each team will receive an invitation to attend a NASA launch. Each member of the team will be allowed one guest. 

To be clear, SIX winning teams will be designated Global Award Winners: 1) Best Use of Data, 2) Best Use of Hardware, 3) Best Mission Concept, 4) Galactic Impact, and 5) Most Inspirational; in addition to 6) People's Choice. 

We'll also extend invitations to the hosts of the winning teams, who can each bring one guest. We want to honor the effort hosts undertake to make Space Apps happen. They are the engine behind Space Apps. They secure the venue, wifi, food and amenities; and handle the outreach and press activities for their site. They reach out to community-based businesses and organizations to support their efforts. They work with us behind the scenes for months prior to Space Apps every year. 

Now the hosts can take a breather while we're busy judging. While you wait for the results, I'll share with you a few behind-the-scenes pics from the Space Apps Pasadena Main Stage. Enjoy.

Heartfelt thanks to Joe Brisbois (in the image below) for stepping up to host our shift to the west coast this year. Joe, You ROCKet!]

Space Apps 2016 MainStage Pasadena Host Extraordinaire Joe Brisbois!

We brought "the Mohawk Guy" from JPL (below) to preside over the weekend, only to find the REAL Mohawk Guy Bobak Ferdowsi participating with the Space Apps Data Bootcamp Stardust Stations.

Mohawk guy visits Space Apps 2016 MainStage Pasadena

The team worked late into the night arranging and re-arranging furniture to fit in 140 Data Bootcamp participants. Thank you Cross Campus Pasadena for your hospitality (and patience). 

Setting up for Space Apps 2016 MainStage Pasadena Data Bootcamp

Our AWEsome global organizing team is hard at work prepping for the Data Bootcamp the following day. Others in our team traveled to other locations and aren't pictured here.

NASA team planning for the weekend at Space Apps 2016 MainStage Pasadena

Tables set. Paper covers and markers in place. Table notes of inspiration in progress. Team still working through issues. Almost time to call it a day on. Data Bootcamp on Friday.

Tables arranged! Space Apps 2016 MainStage Pasadena data bootcamp

BlinkBlink team prepping for the Data Bootcamp Stardust Station.

BlinkBlink team getting ready for  Space Apps 2016 Pasadena Data Bootcamp Stardust Station

T-shirts for participants on Saturday.

Space Apps 2016 MainStage Pasadena T-shirts

Live-stream tutorial on how to create a compelling 30-second video for global judging.

Creating the video tutorial on how to make a Space Apps video

And here you are, engaging with us!

 Space Apps 2016 Pasadena Data Bootcamp

Astronaut Doug Wheelock (and his lovely wife Kelly at his side) shares stories and answers questions.

Astronaut Doug Wheelock and his lovely wife Kelly at Space Apps 2016 Pasadena

Incredible Michelle Easton and her MindMaker Stardust Station is full to capacity with a long waiting line outside.

MindMaker Stardust Station

Judging panel on Sunday with NASA's Chief Information Officer Renee Wynn, Deputy Chief Scientist Gale Allen, and NASA JPL Chief Technology Officer Tom Soderstrom in the middle.

Space Apps 2016 MainStage Pasadena Judges (including NASA CIO Renee Wynn, NASA Deputy Chief Scientist Gale Allen, NASA JPL CTO Tom Sodorstrom)

NASA Women convene! Far right: Renee Wynn, NASA's Chief Information Officer. Middle: Deborah Diaz, NASA's Chief Technology Officer for IT. And me. Cool to be in Pasadena together.

NASA Women of OCIO at Space Apps 2016 MainStage Pasadena

We have so many more images to share. These are just a few to let you see Space Apps from our perspective. And one more little treat for you while you wait for the announcement of Global Awards: a virtual Space Apps cookie.

Space Apps 2016 MainStage Pasadena COOKIE!!

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