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“Tool Crypt for Flight Projects” NASA’s Matt Ritsko wins President’s SAVE Award

| I recently had a chance to chat with Matt Ritsko, the recent winner of the President’s SAVE Award. The SAVE Award, which stands for Securing Americans Value and Efficiency, was launched in 2009 by President Obama. The award seeks ideas from federal employees to make government more effective and efficient and ensure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely. Matt is a Financial Manager on the Gravity Extreme Magnetism SMEX (GEMS) Flight Project. NASA has a long heritage of....

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Open Source Development at NASA

| This post complements a presentation given at the 2011 NASA IT Summit entitled A Case for Bi-lateral Open Source Development: The Nebula Story and Key Findings from the Open Source Summit.  Although written by an attorney, this post is not legal advice or analysis and should not be taken as such. NASA has a special […]

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The Next Rocket Scientist: YOU

| For over half a century, NASA has inspired people across the world to look to the heavens and wonder what secrets are hidden within the cosmos. Solving those mysteries has long been the domain of lab-coat wearing scientists in government agencies and universities. However, with the advent of the internet, social web, and open source […]

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