The weeks since Space Apps went by in a blur! You might have wondered what happens after Space Apps weekend or what happens to the projects. Let’s take a tour of behind the scenes: 1) We review all the nominations for judging, 2) We meet with the challenge owners to discuss your projects, 3) We connect the challenge owners with the project teams, 4) We review your feedback and begin planning for next year.

In week one, we review the virtual team submissions to select three projects for global nominations. During week two, we review the people’s choice nominees. Week three, we review  the global nominees and in week four we send the global finalists to the NASA executives for final judging. I’ve had the personal privilege to read, watch, and review all of the 949 solutions created over Space Apps weekend. I am consistently amazed at the level of creativity and ingenuity displayed by teams across the globe. Bravo!

GoSat Prototype - Space Apps 2015

GoSat Prototype – Space Apps 2015

Currently, we are in the third step of the process and are meeting with every single challenge owner to discuss the project submissions and identify ideas that could potentially be incorporated back into NASA. Many of the challenge owners are incredibly impressed with your ideas and are already thinking about challenges for next year.

Space Apps 2015 - 3D Asteroid Visualization

3D Asteroid Visualization – Space Apps 2015

Space Apps success enabled the creation for new innovative concepts including the Datanauts, Data Bootcamps, and Innovation Pipelines. This year, we released a project acceleration toolkit to assist the local event hosts with selecting projects that have potential for development. There are three local host sites that are prototyping this concept including: Dakar, Nairobi, and Guatemala City. These local hosts will work with the project teams to continue to refine their solutions.

Finally, we’ve been singing your praises and sharing your amazing ideas. As part of the open data mandate issued by the Obama administration, we are sharing the Space Apps model and its benefits with other government agencies in hopes of sparking new outlets for open data engagement across the federal government. It’s been a whirlwind since Space Apps weekend and we are continuing to work on cultivating your projects and advancing the Space Apps platforms.

Beth, Danielle, Deborah, Dan and Ali at the Datanauts kick off

Beth, Danielle, Deborah, Dan and Ali at the Datanauts kick off

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