The NASA Open Innovation team is pleased to announce the availability of the APIs that power Mars Trek and Vesta Trek on The APIs for Mars provide data from the Mars Express, Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Odyssey and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter missions with 21 different data products such as MOLA Altimetery Hillshade, Viking and THEMIS. There are also 6 data products from the Dawn mission to Vesta providing various views in True Color, Colorized and Color Hillshade to name a few.  More information on the Vesta data products can be found here.  


These imagery APIs for Mars and Vesta are provided complements of SSERVI and JPL Trek Team and can be immediately used to build your own unique apps, in fact, we invite you to do so in this year's SpaceApps Challenge under the Open World Generation challenge in the Solar System category.  

Leveraging these APIs require the use of a Web Map and Tile Service (WTMS) client. For more information please see the Open GeoSpatial website.  To help you get started, we've included demos (view source) for each product and those can be found on by clicking on any of the Preview links included with the API documentation.  

We look forward to seeing what kind of creative apps and solutions can be built with these datasets!

Jason Duley

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