Photo of Aishwarya Ghole
Aishwarya Ghole
I am a Geologist by profession but have passion for art. Pursuing Master's program in geology has enhanced my imagination and creative mind. I want to work as Planetary Geologist. My artwork revolves around stars and clear skies.
Photo of Alexander Hurley
Alexander Hurley
I spend most days on my PhD in ecohydrology. Luckily, environmental issues are my passion! They are also my motivation for learning to code in order to produce actionable insights. Working with Microsoft Research and UNEP, as well as teaching R at conference are recent coding highlights.
Photo of Alexandra Garcia
Alexandra Garcia
I am a student at Embry Riddle University majoring in Systems Engineering. I love everything about the space program and I want to be part of its future. I love taking on challenges and learning new things. My dream is to work for NASA and know some of my work is heading to the moon, Mars, and beyond!
Photo of Andrea Black
Andrea Black
I'm interested in transforming complex and messy data to make it more accessible and understandable. I work as an acquisitions and metadata specialist in a university library. My main joy in life is making things visible and available that were there all along.
Photo of Andriana Aivazians
Andriana Aivazians
Andriana is a graduating senior at The City College of New York in Computer Engineering with minors in Public Policy and Economics. Post-graduation Andriana will join the many women in tech as a Data Scientist. When Andriana is away from her Mac she enjoys reading and playing as much tennis as possible.
Photo of Anna Szabelska
Anna Szabelska
Methods and Data Analysis board member (and a lead methodologist for one of the studies!) at the Psychological Science Accelerator that is for psychology what CERN is for physics. Youth STEM Ambassador, Code Club volunteer, organising coding workshops for girls from underprivileged areas.
Photo of Azka Javaid
Azka Javaid
Azka is a Data Scientist at IBM Watson Health. She studied Computer Science and Statistics from Amherst College and is passionate about tech entrepreneurship, AI, interactive Shiny applications and blogging. She is specially interested in fostering meaningful engagement with modern technology.
Photo of Brandeis Marshall
Brandeis Marshall
Dr. Brandeis Marshall is an associate college professor and founder of a data education consultancy. She conducts research in data science education, social media and data analytics. She works to broaden the participation of women and members of underrepresented groups in computing and data science fields.
Photo of Brian Zamora
Brian Zamora
I'm a competitive breakdancer and love to envelop myself in everything I do. Currently I've begun self teaching C++ and have begun attending the Houston Robotics Club, where i'm picking up everything of interest from the members there. I'm definitely looking forward to more things in the future.
Photo of Caroline Kalempouw-Williams
Caroline Kalempouw-Williams
I am an aspiring data scientist and founder of the Chicago Astrostatistics Study Club ( Before I moved to the US, I worked for an Indonesian non-profit organization in the field of physics outreach and completed my Master's degree in Physics from the University of Indonesia.
Photo of Christine Laetitia
Christine Laetitia
I want to be a renowned data scientist. I’ve had remarkable data analyst internships, taken up datascience MOOCs and a BSc Applied Statistics. Finding simple optimal solutions for seemingly complex challenges thrills me, my math background and avid sudoku playing pay off. I hike a lot.
Photo of Diana  cabrera
Diana cabrera
I am from a small town in central California of Hispanic decent. I work for Lyft as a competitive analyst and help lead their Latino ERG. I enjoy finding new ways to drive decisions using competitive data sets and have a true passion for influencing our younger generations to reach for the stars.
Photo of Drew Thompson
Drew Thompson
I'm a rising senior in High School just beginning my data career. I'm the co-leader of Robot code at my school's robotics team, and I've completed the International Baccalaureate program. I've been coding and looking at the stars since I was young, and I want to combine these passions in the real of data science.
Photo of Elan Parsons
Elan Parsons
I am a scientist and artist. I work as a freelance botanical scientific illustrator while finishing up my Master's degree studying environmental changes in forest fragments, and I'm using the coding, statistical, and scientific design skills I've developed to become a data scientist.
Photo of Elicia Inazawa
Elicia Inazawa
Elicia Inazawa has Master degrees in Atmospheric Sciences – from her native Brazil - and in Computer Information Systems – from CSU. She is passionate for data analysis, and as a mom of two girls, she believes in integrating science, technology and education to increase scientific literacy of girls and women.
Photo of Emily Bovee
Emily Bovee
I'm Emily, and I am a PhD Candidate in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology at Michigan State University. Learning R is my greatest adventure of 2018! I study academic motivation in engineering, and I'm happiest when digging into a new dataset or learning a new data visualization technique.
Photo of Hatice Elif Yüksel
Hatice Elif Yüksel
I’m majoring in International Relations with a mission to add space science into focus areas of IR. This way, we can better understand the relations in modern age from a new angle . I have been self-learning space science. This program would help me to bring new perspectives with my background in IR.
Photo of Holly Clark
Holly Clark
I am a Science Educator at a Natural History museum in Philadelphia, PA. I have a background in Biology and Environmental Education. I am interested in how educational settings need to evolve to better use technology's potential for learning.
Photo of Irina Nikonova
Irina Nikonova
I am passionate about space, math, programming and dance! I completed my PhD in statistical analysis of light reentry capsules movement in the atmosphere. In addition to being a Software Engineer, I am currently working on AI project related to time series forecasting.
Photo of Jeanette Juran
Jeanette Juran
I am currently a high school science teacher. I graduated from Emory with a double major in astrophysics and German then taught physics and math in Tanzania as a Peace Corps volunteer. I want to bridge the gap between science and the general public. NASA's open data is a huge step in that direction.
Photo of Jennifer Elliott
Jennifer Elliott
Hi, I’m Jen; I’m an educator at the Intrepid Museum in NYC! I grew up in FL watching shuttles launch from the bridge by my house. I have degrees in theater, astronomy, and museum professions. My fave pastime is disguising learning with fun. Seeing people connect the fun with the facts is the best!
Photo of Jesse Maegan
Jesse Maegan
molecular biologist turned public school teacher who eventually fell in love with non-profit data science. perpetual #rstats noob.
Photo of Katherine Simeon
Katherine Simeon
Katherine is a graduate student studying Communication Sciences & Disorders and is interested in natural language processing. Katherine is passionate about science communication and is the former president of ComSciCon-Chicago. She is an R enthusiast and currently co-organizer of R-Ladies Chicago.
Photo of Kathryn Lynch
Kathryn Lynch
Kathryn Lynch is an undergraduate student of both mathematics and dance, with an interest in applied mathematics. She juggles both of her passions and loves exploring the intersections between the arts and sciences, which are broader then many people would assume.
Photo of Kaylin Pavlik
Kaylin Pavlik
I live in Fargo, ND, where I work as a data analyst for enrollment marketing at a small college. I started learning R in 2014 via a beginner data science course and discovered a love for unearthing hidden patterns. I enjoy text mining, natural language processing, and exploring all the data I can find.
Photo of Laura Ellis
Laura Ellis
I’m a data geek, passionate about revealing stories within the numbers! I’ve been in the data field for 13+ yrs working on DBs, BI, data science and real-time event streaming. I lead the user analytics group at IBM Cloud. While I focus on a range of areas, my passion is dataviz and storytelling.
Photo of Leslie Thornburgh
Leslie Thornburgh
I have integrated NASA lessons as a math and GT teacher, and currently share my love of space by teaching Flight and Space to middle schoolers. I hold a MEd in Mathematics Education with honors. I have attended numerous workshops including HESA Space Academy, UT Lift-off, and Eureka STEAMakers.
Photo of Lilian Carvalho
Lilian Carvalho
I'm a marketing professor at a business school in Brazil interest in Big Data and, mostly, in astronomy. My background is in evolutionary psychology. Trekkie.
Photo of Louise Lai
Louise Lai
Lou is a Master's student in Data Science and a Forbes Under 30 Scholar. In her work as a Microsoft Civic Tech Fellow, Lou explored the unique intersection of politics and data science to increase civic engagement and help create a more equitable society for all. She loves all kinds of data!
Photo of Lydia Lawal
Lydia Lawal
I'm a senior data scientist with degrees in Statistics and Sociology from Columbia. Outside of work, I'm always looking for how we can use data to tell better, more complete, and more nuanced stories about the human condition, hopefully helping to move from societally descriptive data to societally prescriptive.
Photo of Michelle  Lillie
Michelle Lillie
I am a middle school teacher at a STEM magnet school. My main goal is to inspire my students to explore their interests and challenge themselves each day to learn something new. I am starting a new class, Engineering through Makerspace for the 2018 school year.
Photo of Milena Mathew
Milena Mathew
Milena Mathew is a student who loves physics and programming. She's an intern at the physics department of her local university and helps plan and run STEM programs at the nearby library. In her free time, you can find Milena lounging on the sofa, baking cookies or reading up on the latest discoveries.
Photo of Mookesh Patel
Mookesh Patel
I am Professor Emeritus at Arizona State University. I received my MFA in graphic design from RISD, USA. I am a practicing information and experience designer. I received Fulbright Research Scholar Grant and United Nations Development Program Grant. My research focuses on information design.
Photo of Nanavati Low
Nanavati Low
I'm an SF entrepreneur heading up operations at a computer vision startup. I'm also an ex-SpaceX engineer, Berkeley alumni, grad student at USC and raconteur (a skill I developed as a history minor). A huge space nerd and data enthusiast, you can find me at the Berkeley Marina (coordinates below) stargazing.
Photo of Natasha Stamler
Natasha Stamler
I am an engineering student at MIT with a focus on energy and sustainable development. I love building things, from 120-pound robots to mini lightsabers to a computer model of green infrastructure in New York City. My goal is to use my passion for innovation to make the world a better place.
Photo of Numa Dhamani
Numa Dhamani
Numa Dhamani is a physicist turned data scientist who is passionate about using data for social good and advocating for diversity in STEM fields. Her heart belongs to Python, beautiful data visualizations, and strong coffee. Outside of data, she loves to paint, run, and climb mountains.
Photo of Paula Moraga
Paula Moraga
Paula Moraga holds a Ph.D. in Statistics and works developing spatial methods and open-source software for disease surveillance. Her work informs policy-making to reduce the risk of diseases such as malaria in Africa and leptospirosis in Brazil. She is a member of R-Ladies and the R Epidemics Consortium.
Photo of Rahel Goitom
Rahel Goitom
Proud UW alumnus, native Seattleite, and lover of arts, civics and exploring the outdoors. I recently completed a Certificate in Data Analytics and am looking to apply my learning to practice. I am excited at the opportunity to advance my data science skills while learning more about our universe with NASA.
Photo of Rebecca Carter
Rebecca Carter
I am a biostatistician by training; passionate about knowledge discovery for social good and wrangling messy data. I love exploring emerging topics by blending crowdsourcing with epidemiology. I enjoy weaving statistical and computational inference to link publicly available and alternative data.
Photo of Riley Donlin
Riley Donlin
Riley studies Mathematics and International Affairs. She has worked in disaster response and international development and aspires to use data to solve cross-border economic and political issues. In her free time, Riley contributes to citizen science projects and loves watching documentaries.
Photo of Samantha Goldberg
Samantha Goldberg
I love Physics and the Planetary Sciences, especially Astronomy. I'm a NASA High School Aerospace Scholar and the Vice President of the local chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space. I would love to become an astrophysicist some day, and devote the rest of my life to watching the stars.
Photo of Sarah  Bowden
Sarah Bowden
I love exploring different types of data, making messy data more tidy and user-friendly, and finding ways to make my workflows more reproducible. Right now I use my coding skills in the realm of public health and infectious disease ecology as a data scientist contractor at the CDC.
Photo of Sarah Schöttler
Sarah Schöttler
About to start the MSc Advanced Design Informatics in Edinburgh, after discovering my love for coding, data science, dataviz and great maps during my BSc in Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences in the Netherlands. When not learning new things, I like to watch Star Trek and browse #creativecoding on Instagram.
Photo of Saumya Sharma
Saumya Sharma
Hi! My name is Saumya Sharma, and I am an aerospace engineering student at Georgia Tech. I love space exploration and excited to unlock more mysteries of our universe Whether it is space mechanisms or designing RC airplanes, I hope to keep innovating and learning more things in the aerospace field.
Photo of Sema Karan
Sema Karan
As a passion, I like to dig large data sets and tell stories with them with a visually appealing way for data-driven decisions. I enjoy very much to create visualisations to make data easy to communicate and I am Featured Author on Tableau Public. As hobby, I do yoga and dance Salsa.
Photo of Shannon Hong
Shannon Hong
I'm a student at Berkeley, studying Data Science & Development Studies. I'm passionate about measuring our impact in the world. I've worked fast-paced and purposeful environments in politics and in tech, in France, China, and the US. Currently, find me capsizing a sailboat in the Berkeley Marina.
Photo of Suzan Baert
Suzan Baert
Currently an R&D engineer, but soon employed as a Data Intelligence Consultant. After hours, you can find me knee-deep into data analysis or setting up databases to learn new tricks, blogging/writing R tutorials, co-organizing R-Ladies Brussels, renovating my house or reading fantasy/scifi books.
Photo of Tamara Koliada
Tamara Koliada
I’m passionate about STEM, BioTech and hackathons and working on surface-based nanoscale analytical tools for scientists. Founder of FreshSpace project where tried to build solution against climate changes on Earth and bring green life into space. My hobbies are snowboarding, painting and travel around the world!
Photo of Theresa Elise Wege
Theresa Elise Wege
German notoriously living abroad (Canada - Belgium - UK), PhD researcher in Developmental Psychology focusing on numerical cognition. Organizer of R-Ladies Loughborough, believing that we learn better together. Full-time open science and data nerd, aspiring data scientist and baker of vegan pies.