• My innovation will change the world. I'm sure NASA will want it. What next?

    Awesome! Congrats for innovating this world into a better place. If you have an unsolicited proposal for a procurement-related project, these guidelines may help you. You may also submit unsolicited research proposals to NASA. Please be aware that our Open Innovation team does not accept unsolicited proposals nor can we review your work and pay you for it. We're in the open data, open source, collaborative problem-solving business.

  • How do I get involved with NASA challenge opportunities?

    We have a number of opportunities for you to apply your problem-solving skills to a NASA challenge. NASAsolve is a website dedicated to citizen challenges. We'd love to have your innovation talents applied to our Space Apps challenges. If you've created something unique from NASA data outside of a NASA challenge, visit Data Stories to share your work. Please allow our team a bit of time to review your stories. We're a lean team.

  • I want a job with NASA. Will you hire me?

    We have a website just for you: nasajobs.nasa.gov. Also, you can browse federal job announcements through USAjobs, which lists all NASA openings. If you're not a citizen of the United States, you may want to contact space agencies where you live. Remember, you can always take part in Space Apps no matter where in the world you live.

  • I'd like to host a Space Apps challenge local event? How do I apply?

    Host applications will be available on the Space Apps website when the team is ready to restart the process. We'd love to see you join the Space Apps host community!

  • I'd like to be a Datanaut? How do I apply?

    We're not ready to accept applications yet for the second class of Datanauts. We're still in the process of designing and refining the program so that you have the very best experience. In the meantime, visit Explore With Us to learn about other ways you can get involved with NASA's open data.

  • Who runs open.NASA?
    The Open Innovation team in NASA's Office of the Chief Information Officer manages the open.NASA portfolio, which includes data, code, API's, Space Apps, Datanauts, Data Bootcamps, Data Fellows, and more. Beth Beck is the Open Innovation Program Manager and Jason Duley manages data, code, and API content and delivery to ensure we keep providing fresh, high value resources for you. Ali Llewellyn, Datanaut Community Manager, shepherds the founding class. Danielle Gervalis is our digital strategist. We'd love to see you innovate with us.
  • How can NASA's Open Innovation team members come to my event?

    Travel is always tight for our team. If you have an event in the Washington, DC or Mountain View/San Francisco areas, we would be happy to share our openNASA activities and insights -- schedule permitting. Please send an invitiation, along with information about the event and what you'd like us to share, to tiyra.ratliff@nasa.gov.

  • I'm looking for a specific data set. How do I find it?

    We have a new feature on our Data Portal for you to nominate a dataset for us to add to our openData inventory. We'll do our best to find it and format the data using the federal metadata schema. Please be patient with us. Sometimes our best data likes to hide in server located at one of the 10 NASA Centers. We're good data detectives, but the search may take time.

  • I want to suggest topics for your next Open Gov Plan. What is your process?

    We'd love to hear your suggestions. This is a good time to collect your feedback so that we can plan ahead for the 2016 update. Provide your comments below the current Open Government Plan.

  • I've always wanted to be an astronaut. How do I apply? What is the criteria for selection?

    The NASA jobs website has a section on the Astronaut career track, and provides information on what education is required, as well as information on selection and training. Good luck! We hope to see you in space someday soon!!