ArachnoBeeA creates a solution to easily give a targeted cargo's coordinates for relocation, providing more efficient and flexible maneuverability.

This project incorporates two concepts - a flying platform and a walker robot. This should give him the ability to maneuver more efficient, and be flexible enough to solve even more problems than just that of transporting small cargo throughout the facility.

The Challenge: ZERO GEE Bee – Your Friendly Neighborhood Drone

Design and simulate a drone (e.g. quad-copter) to be used anywhere, to assist with moving items (5 lb / ~2kg) around. Weightlessness and zero g will be a major design change (or benefit) compared to terrestrial applications.

ArachnoBeeA aims to achieve the production of a drone with the ability to work in airless (or any other gas) environment and be able to move around the facility in an efficient and adaptable way. 

The ArachnoBeeA incorporates two concepts - a flying platform and a walker robot.Using a hand-like structure at the end of each of its limbs, the drone will be able to catch, and hold itself docked to a point or even move itself around by grabbing and releasing these "docking" points. 

Even without these "hooking" or "grabbing" points, we plan to attach the limbs of the drone/walker with vacuum producing points. That way we will reach a high level of adaptability to any kind of environment. Using moving limbs, we can also produce more efficient means of transportation and maneuverability. With internally placed trans-receiver sensors, we can solve the drone's awareness of where it is and what it's mission is. This we plan to do with multilateration algorithms.

made in

Limassol, Cyprus

from the minds of...
  • Aleksandar Bozic
  • Nikola Gacic
  • Ljubodrag Bozic
  • Dragan Colovic
  • Višnja Đurović
  • Isaakidis Marios
  • Iurii Fomenko
  • Adrian Carlan
  • Charalambos Leventis
  • Christos Antoniou
  • Mihailo Kitanovic
at Space Apps 2015

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