Create your own intergalactic beats

Using an array of NASA generated sounds, Cosmix gives you the ability to mix space-related sounds with musical tracks to create something of your own.

The Challenge: Can You Hear Me Now? Space-y Sounds

Develop an interactive tool to leverage NASA audio files from space missions in new and innovative ways, from arts and entertainment to science and engineering. Your solution could be a new audio capability or platform to feature, consume, enhance, or alter NASA files. Or perhaps you can decode hidden messages in files that NASA missed.

NASA's audio library contains a wide array of sounds from outer space, missions and famous speeches. Those clips are now available to mix with other musical tracks. The Cosmix team created a web audio editing platform designed to mix unique space-related sounds from NASA with a library of musical tracks.

The Cosmix team's solution expanded NASA's reach of participatory space exploration. NASA missions generate expected and unexpected audio files, there are eerie sci-fi sounding beeps and whirs from outer space, the roar of racket engines, and human commentary during missions - even memorable works such as, "Houston, we've had a problem." This platform allows users to integrate space into their daily lives with sound applications of their own.

made in

Kansas City, Kansas

from the minds of...
  • Ryan Schneider
  • Dan Salva
  • Mark O'Renick
  • Eric MacEwen
  • Garrett Peek
  • Mike Lavieri
  • Doug Niccum
  • Luke Bettis
  • Mike Wilson
at Space Apps 2015

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