CropBuddy is a web and cross mobile application which allows farmers, students, researchers, or manufacturers to review relevant research articles, notify others of crop disease in their area, and share information for prevention.

Learn some of the ways crops are currently affected and how CropBuddy intends to help.

The Challenge: Crop Alert – Learning From the Growers

Develop a mobile/web app/SMS capability to help growers who face challenges from crop pests and diseases. The challenge is to develop an app to crowd-source local growers’ information about pests and diseases affecting their crops and the effects on their harvest. The resulting data could be creatively mapped or displayed graphically, e.g. by mapping the spread with time of the pests/ diseases. Crowd-sourced crop pictures could be incorporated for community identification of the pest/disease.

Powered by the use of Goolge Satellite Maps, CropBuddy allows users to post alerts of any crop related disease occurring in a specific region using images and locations (longitude and latitude). CropBuddy displays the exact location and quadrant on a map where the disease has infected crops and is spreading, in addition to the details such as images, symptoms, or the specific dates a disease has occurred. The application will then immediately alert any registered farmer or user located in the same region, through an SMS alert using Twilio SMS services on IBM's Bluemix cloud platform. Using NASA's data, CropBuddy also provides useful insights such as weather predictions. This helps keep the community informed while also educating users how to stop the disease from spreading. 

CropBuddy also allows users to post questions and receive replies from others who have experienced similar issues, as well as view well researched articles posted by other users enabling them to gather more knowledge about specific crops and diseases. CropBuddy users can also rate, comment or even request to edit any information posted on the application.

Our project aims to gather crowd source information from articles posted on CropBuddy by researchers, farmers, or students, empowering others to acquire the same knowledge and necessary tools for prevention. 

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Nairobi, KE

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  • allan Macharia
  • Victor Karanja
  • philip munene
  • Sheila Anyango
  • Aisha  Swaleh
  • Victor Karanja
at Space Apps 2015

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