CROPP (Cultures Risks Observation and Prevention Platform) is an easy and user-friendly platform designed to help farmers monitor their lands by giving them real-time information about possible risks that could threaten their crops.

The goal is to provide farmers with information about their fields' health status. The hardware consists of several sensors to constantly measure the parameters that are most likely to indicate if something is wrong.

CROPP - Platform

The system includes 3D printed bottles with local sensors for short-term measurements while optical and radar images, acquired from satellites, are used to study the macroscopic evolution of any dangerous phenomena.

The Challenge: Crop Alert - Learning from the Growers

Develop a mobile/web app/SMS capability to help growers who face challenges from crop pests and diseases. The challenge is to develop an app to crowd-source local growers’ information about pests and diseases affecting their crops and the effects on their harvest. The resulting data could be creatively mapped or displayed graphically, e.g. by mapping the spread with time of the pests/ diseases. Crowd-sourced crop pictures could be incorporated for community identification of the pest/disease.

The hardware consists of several sensors to measure temperature, rain, soil humidity, sounds from harmful insects and an actuator able to drive them away. These components are stored in a small and low-cost device called a Distributed Measurement Device (DMD).

The DMDs in a specific area communicate via radio signals to the Data Collection Center (DCC), which is directly connected to the main server and updates regularly. The user can access this data through a smartphone app and a website which provided simple and straightforward advice to help manage the fields in real-time.

made in

Rome, Italy

from the minds of...
  • Simone La Fauci
  • Valentina Celani
  • Gabriele Angeletti
  • Nicole Segala
  • Mohamed Elharirt
  • Giorgio Severi
  • Andrea Gallegati
  • Virginia Notaro
  • Andrea Di Ruscio
at Space Apps 2015

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