NatEv Explorer encourages crowdsourcing to discover and “tag” interesting, natural events and potential threats to humans through the real-time earth observatory data provided by NASA.

Every day, satellites transmit enormous volumes of images of the Earth, but scientists are unable to analyze the sheer volume of satellite imagery available. However, crowdsourcing the exploration of Earth images would help locate and discover new events!

The Challenge: Volcanoes, Icebergs, and Cats from Space

We need you to develop an app to crowdsource the discovery of “interesting” natural events as observed from space using data from NASA’s Earth observation satellites -- such as wildfires burning, volcanoes erupting, or icebergs cracking. If all of you are helping us look for Earth events, by using a common interface you create with this challenge, we can discover more together than a few scientists can discover alone. And, we can share your discoveries with the world.

The NatEv Explorer Project created an interactive web-based app that displays the the most interesting events shown at a specific location selected by the user on an interactive 3D globe. The app allows users to register and rank events that are discovered by other users, inspiring them to explore and tag more of the satellite images.

The NatEV Explorer team leveraged NASA satellite data to create an interactive web based app that encourages global users to explore the Earth and identify natural phenomena that occur everyday. The app allows users to learn more about their planet and helps scientists classify Earth satellite imagery.

The challenge owners are part of the Global Imagery Browse Services (GIBS) team. They were thrilled with the team's solution and featured the project on their site.

made in

Pristina, Kosovo

from the minds of...
  • Arnold Plakolli
  • Muhamed Retkoceri
  • Zana Bytyqi
  • Rinor Maloku
  • Blend Mehmeti
  • Arlind Dushi
  • Taulant Mehmeti
at Space Apps 2015

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