A mobile robot platform that is capable of extracting data from nearby objects using on-board sensors present in an Android Smartphone.

By harnessing the power of these tiny but powerful devices, we can integrate them with image processing software such as OpenCV, in order to get a better understanding of everyday objects around us.

The Challenge: Sensor Yourself

Can you navigate through a potentially hazardous obstacle course by relying solely on sensor data from a mobile or handheld device? Put together a stream of applicable sensor data of your choice to guide forward movement or to gauge when to stop based on danger or impediments. Use your imagination.

We always hear about revolutionizing robots or innovative machines assisting the global community, leading this major wave of technological innovation. This isn't, however, the reality in Nepal, and we want to change this condition.

Building robots in Nepal hasn't only been a question of high-cost components. It has also been about finding the right parts, getting access to industry-grade technology, and escaping the conformity that limits robots to nothing more than toys. Building robots using Android Smartphones can steer this small but budding robotics community in Nepal along a positive direction. The ubiquity of such smartphones in Nepal - one of the least developed countries in the world - shows some promise for igniting a hardware revolution.

The use of smartphones in robots at places like NASA and MIT shows the problem-solving potential of Android-powered robots. We want to ignite a revolution in the robotics atmosphere of Nepal by building robot platforms that can truly solve real-world challenges, and that have so much more to offer than traditional micro-controller based robots. Prospective applications of this platform range from navigating through mountains for waste disposal, to tracking geological artifacts, scanning atmospheric regions, and possibly even assisting in the search of extraterrestrial objects.

We started making robots because we love technology. In fact, other than solving problems, Android Robotics can significantly bolster the current state of robotics in Nepal, and, ultimately, change part of our reality. Hence, fostering Android Robotics in Nepal isn't only an innovative key to provide a huge technological breakthrough, but also a pioneering way to develop and divulge this field of robotics.


made in

Kathmandu, Nepal

from the minds of...
  • Roshan Rijal
  • Asim Khanal
  • Ashim Sitoula
at Space Apps 2015

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