Science Hack Day

What are the technologies you are currently using on

Can I clone your site?

Absolutely!  This site is built entirely off of Open Source Software, so you can easily recreate it if you would like to. Visit to download WordPress CMS 3.2.1. Visit to download the theme.  See above list of technologies used.

How do I submit an idea or bug to you?

We want to hear from you! We’ve opened a UserVoice account to get your feedback on our site, our projects, and hear your ideas for new ways NASA can be more participatory, collaborative, and transparent with the public. Be sure to also let us know via UserVoice if you see any errors or bugs on the site. None of us are web developers by day, and we definitely want to know if there’s something that need to be fixed.  We read all feedback that comes in, but we are not able to respond to everyone. But be assured we appreciate any input.