Growing Data Scientists

NASA wants YOU to engage with our open data to create innovative new thinking, processes, and products -- no matter your background or expertise. Our goal: attract data newcomers, introduce and advance data science skills, and create a vibrant data problem-solving community. Join us. It's time to explore your inner space data geekness.

Join the Mission

Reach New Heights

At any level, you can learn to use NASA data and share your ideas to solve problems facing space and life here on Earth.


Your work may even appear in the Innovation Space as inspiration to aspiring explorers.

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Learn Together

Join others who share your passion for learning and exploration. Datanauts will receive monthly challenges from NASA subject matter experts, who will view your work and answer questions. You can share work with your fellow Datanauts, or team together to create solutions.


As Datanauts, you'll have an opportunity to host space data events in your community, if you choose. We'll provide the data ingredients to create cool tech projects. You invite your friends, family, colleagues, and/or neighbors. We want you to love our out-of-this-world data as much as we do.

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Monthly Challenges

Each month, you'll receive a challenge tailored to your unique interests and skill level. Race against the clock to solve your challenge before the month ends!


You can opt for data tracks that allow you to work at your own pace for your coding skill level. If you're a beginner, we have a Learn2Code track just for you. Advanced coders will learn orbital dynamics and more. Want to switch it up? You can change tracks at any time!

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You, yes, YOU can be a Datanaut!

Datanauts share an ambition to contribute and grow but each offers different skills and perspectives. Your uniqueness is an invaluable asset for Data Science that encourages new thinking, ideas and collaboration. So whether you're a designer, a student, a beginner, or an expert, we have challenges and opportunities for each of you. Your contribution is what makes the Datanaut community thrive.

The datanauts have been announced!
The Datanauts 2018 Fall Class is now in session. Read the announcement then meet the Datanauts 2018 Spring Class.

The Datanauts are now in session.

The Founding Class

NASA's Datanaut program is part of our Women in Data focus. We intend to create a "safe space" for newcomers to the data science frontier -- especially girls and women. Female data and tech leaders comprise the Founding Class to signal our commitment to shift the ratio.

They offered valuable interests into the growing data-tech-maker communities, and helped us refine how we engage with you. They are true pioneers in the new data science frontier!

All future classes are open to everyone.

Meet the Founding Class


During the 2015 Women in Data Conference, the founding Datanauts class came together to share ideas.

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