The Office of Science and Technology Policy has recently announced a new mechanism to ensure agencies make their data open to and readable by the public. In addition to the previous requirement of the 2012 Federal Digital Strategy to make federal data open and machine-readable, this new Cross Agency Priority (CAP) Goal establishes requirements across government that aim to track the impact of this open data in a number of ways, particularly in efficiency, effectiveness, and economic growth.

There are five main points in the CAP Goal:

1. Develop and maintain an enterprise data inventory
2. Make data discoverable to the public
3. Prioritize and release valuable data through public engagement
4. Prevent inappropriate disclosure of sensitive information
5. Assign roles and responsibilities to strengthen the culture of data management

Our Open Innovation team will work closely with OMB and OSTP to understand the implications of this new requirement and find ways to meet the objectives, while continuing to ensure we focus on completing NASA’s strategic goals to:

  • Expand the frontiers of knowledge, capability, and opportunity in space.
  • Advance understanding of Earth and develop technologies to improve the quality of life on our home planet.
  • Serve the American public and accomplish our Mission by effectively managing our people, technical capabilities, and infrastructure.

We’ll find a way to kick our new CAP Open Data requirements through the Open Gov goalpost. We’re NASA, after all.

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